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Worldwide Cert. Relationship, Love & Life Coach
Individual Marriage & Family Counselor

Find Lasting Love Now!

Introducing my proven 4-pillar system that will once and for all break the endless cycle of dating losers, players and guys who just aren't right for you.

I've helped thousands of women find the man of their dreams and these exact strategies will help you too.

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#1 Best Selling Author
Love Beyond Your Dreams

"I recommend this book to women of all ages. The young can learn to keep themselves safer by establishing the healthy boundaries and avoiding unhealthy relationships in the first place. Older women may need information on safely leaving an abusive relationship (don't do it without help) or resources for helping friends and relatives.  Healing is also covered, of course, so there is hope for the reader who is in a bad relationship or is recovering from a bad relationship. The author's personal and professional experience really show here!"

By J.M.


"When I met Riana I was depressed about being Single for so long, and not dating for over 2 years. But I was petrified about getting back out there to date again. Riana taught me exactly how my childhood emotional triggers affected me in my adult love relationships, then I learned the Life and Mind-set skills to feel positive and increase my self-esteem. Once I felt great about myself, and understood WHY I was attracting Toxic men,I used her amazing strategies for finding better partners. I now have the man of my dreams, and getting married next year!"


"I was married for 22 years, and scared to death to start dating. With the Life skills portion of Riana's course, it made me feel better about myself than I had in years. I got back out there and enjoyed life, and met a fabulous man by using her simple techniques. I knew what to look for to ensure I wasn't meeting someone who was emotionally unhealthy, and that built my confidence to wait for the right man. I'm happier than I have ever been, thanks to Riana!"


"Riana is an Earth Angel who was brought in my life during a difficult period following a divorce. First, her two books Live Beyond Your Dreams and Love Beyond Your Dreams, coupled with Riana's generous, supportive coaching techniques, led me to find myself and to make positive lifestyle changes. Next, it was because of her incredible insight into life issues and her ability to express her understanding and direction that I gained the strength needed to move forward. I would highly recommend Riana to anyone who is lost or for whatever reason is seeking counseling or coaching."


"I was impressed with Riana’s background, schooling, experience and resume.  I reached out to Riana and within 24 hours, she responded.  From my first meeting with Riana, I felt very comfortable and safe as we started to discuss the list of my issues one by one.  Riana asked questions, offered advice, and coached me how to open my eyes to view situations from a different aspect.  There were times I didn’t necessarily like hearing the advice she had to offer, but I listened. and the next session I would say, ‘you were right.’.  Riana was and is an essential part of helping me heal, accept, and love myself."


"Riana has a true passion for helping others navigate through life’s
roadblocks and helping one get to their ultimate goal. I am grateful for all the positive and constructive advice and knowledge Riana has shared with me."


"There’s a spirit of helpfulness that shines through everything you do – and even though the warmest of thanks would never be enough to repay you, please know how appreciated you are and what a true blessing you’ve been…..  Thank you for All your help and wisdom over the years; it really helped me to get through some very difficult times! Your suggestions have really helped change an almost impossible situation!  God Bless you on your journey!"


"Riana is a truly genuine soul, who has taught me to see life in a new light. Through coaching, listening, sharing and reading I have learned a new appreciation for not only what I have, but also the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead!"


Riana Milne
Worldwide Cert. Relationship, Love & Life Coach 
Marriage & Family Counselor
 #1 Best Selling Author
Find Lasting Love Now!
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